Please be able to provide references from 2 reputable providers or work verification. If for some reason you are not able to provide either please contact me directly and we can see if another way of screening is possible

  • I take my safety and clients discretion very seriously therefore private information is used for screening only. I am the only person who ever sees your information.

  • I may request to check ID upon arrival

Legal Name *
Legal Name
Real Cellphone Number *
Real Cellphone Number
no google/internet/burner numbers - I will not text or call without prior consent (for screening purposes only)
How should I contact you? *
Details! I love details - If you are not sure please provide a time frame of days/time
Should I host or you? *
Incall dates require additional deposit
Minimum of 2 provider references. Must include: Name, email, and website (agencies will not be accepted) OR Work verification: Include company website with your name on it or linkedin profile (please include link - I will not go searching for you)
Introduce yourself. Share some details about yourself so I can get to know you a little.. (no pressure.. seriously!)